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Frequently Asked Questions

What does a medical coder do?

- A medical coder basically transforms healthcare diagnosis, procedures, medical services, and equipment into universal medical alphanumeric codes. You can work remotely or onsite.

For more information regarding medical coding, you may refer to this link:

Is there an educational level required to be able to train in medical coding?

Everyone is welcome to train and get a certification as a medical coder as long as you have finished 2 years of any course in college, medical or non-medical allied.

We are also accepting high school graduates for our medical coding courses. Companies from countries abroad do not require any college experience, therefore you could go straight to work if you apply abroad. However, if you would like to work here in the Philippines as a medical coder, you need to finish at least 2 years of any course in college as its required by the local companies.

Is the certification also recognized in other countries?

The said countries in which you will have career opportunities are the US, UK, Germany, Guam, and the Middle East. The AAPC Certification is recognized in the mentioned countries, and AHIMA Certification is recognized in the US and the Middle East.

Do you provide job assistance to your graduates?

We do refer our graduates to our local corporate partners in the Philippines after they have passed the AAPC certification exam.

You are free to apply to companies from other countries that accredit the AAPC license. The said countries are the US, UK, Germany, Guam, and the Middle East.

What is the next step after we finish our training with HIMTI?

After your training with us, you will get a certificate of completion of your course that you have taken, to be given by the HIMTI team. We will also help you in conducting the AAPC or AHIMA Certification Exam, including registration.

What is the difference between OSP and LVC?

If you want thorough training, It is recommended for you to take the Live Virtual Class as you will have a guide, which is the instructor, for each lesson throughout the whole course. This is the better option for those who want to focus on studying medical coding courses, and have ample time & schedule for their training.

The Online Self-Paced, it is a course that is recommended for learners who don't have flexible schedules and may do their training on their own; but they are provided with the same learning materials as the ones from LVC. The only difference is in OSP, you can schedule a tutorial session and consult the instructors whenever you only need clarifications regarding the lessons.

The OSP course is a self-study course in which you can finish your 200-hour modular courses and training within the 90-day timeframe that you have enrolled. Meanwhile, the LVC course is equipped with a trainer that you will be meeting every day on weekdays for 8 weeks or weekends for 20 weeks.

The price difference between the OSP and LVC course fees

The 90-days and 150-days access are for the Online Self-Paced course which is priced at 15K and 25K for the base course training fees, and 50K is the base training price for the Live Virtual Class option.

How much is the AAPC exam fee?

The AAPC Examination, which is what you will need to pass in order to get certification in medical coding, is priced at:

- 36,580 for 1 attempt (Testing Center, Computerized) and is also inclusive of the annual membership fee.
- 42,480 for 2 attempts (Testing Center, Computerized) and is also inclusive of the annual membership fee.

You will also need the set of medical coding books as it is an open-book examination.

The ideal training bundle for you would be the FULL CERTIFICATION BUNDLE which includes all the necessities in preparing for your medical coding career.

How much is the set of medical coding books that are needed for the training?

The books are priced at 15,000 PHP for those who are enrolling in the offered courses of HIMTI. It is originally 20,000 PHP if bought in retail. However, we do not offer retail for the books for now due to the high number of enrollments.

What are the requirements for enrollment?

For your requirements, you will just need to provide 1 Valid ID upon enrollment and accomplish a student information form that will be sent after the processing of the payment has been verified.

What is the course outline?

The courses that you will be taking are:

- Payment Methodologies & Compliance (15-hour course)
- ICD-10-CM Diagnosis Coding (100-hour course)
- CPT-4 & HCPCS Procedure Coding (100-hour course)

What is the difference between Outpatient and Inpatient courses?

You will be starting with the Outpatient Medical Coding Course, which is offered in the OSP and LVC courses. Once you have finished the course and have successfully claimed a certification such as a CPC or COC and wish to expand your career, that's when you are qualified to take a comprehensive Inpatient medical coding course to claim a higher medical coding certification such as a CIC.

What are your payment modes?

We are accepting Bank Transfer or Deposit via Metrobank, GCash, Paymaya, Paypal, and Paymongo for card payments.

Do you provide exam registration assistance?

We only provide registration assistance to our students and trainees. One may enroll in our review course for 6 sessions to be eligible for AAPC registration assistance by HIMTI or may just register directly to

Certification titles for Outpatient Medical Coding

Our Online Self-Paced program and Live Virtual Class for Outpatient Medical Coding are eligible for the AAPC CPC and COC certification exams; you are free to choose which one. It is also eligible for AHIMA's CCA and in order to be a CCS, you will need to have at least 1-year of experience to be able to train as a CCS.

Is your institution accredited by AAPC?

We are recognized by the AAPC as they let us administer certification exams and memberships. We are SEC-registered as well, and a division of Medcode, Inc.

How long does it take for the books to arrive?

Within NCR, it can be done using a same-day delivery option such as Grab or Lalamove, or LBC for 1-3 days. But for those who are outside NCR including Visayas Mindanao, it will take up to 3-7 days, LBC and GGX couriers are used.

How long does it take for the books to arrive if shipped outside the Philippines?

We ship books outside the Philippines with additional shipping costs and it will take 1-2 weeks of delivery. Upon enrollment, we can process your books immediately and you may request to start your access once your books have already arrived.

However, you may also check out the books that are offered through amazon if you would like to have them shipped at an earlier time. Kindly refer to this link:

Do you offer tutorial sessions for the OSP course?

The Online Self-Paced course has Online Study Support where you can email/message an Instructor for any course-related questions. Once enrolled, you are also granted a Free 3 hours of one-on-one tutorial with our trainer to address any questions from your training access and access your capability of passing your certification. If you have minimal questions, you are free to send a message to our trainer in the Matrix Platform where you will be accessing the whole course training itself.

When can I have my access after enrollment?

Your access will be given to you after your payment has been processed and all your requirements have been verified. Books will be shipped to you as well after verification.

However, your 90-day or 150-day access will only start its countdown once you have opened the course in the Matrix platform.

Why is the discount only applied to the course training?

The medical coding books and exam vouchers are directly from AAPC, hence why its fees are separated from the medical coding training course that HIMTI is offering.

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